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The ATCC and LGC Partnership Enables Global Distribution of Scientific Products

LGC is ATCC's exclusive distributor for Europe and Africa

ATCC and LGC work together to quickly deliver your research materials

Our partnership with LGC is focused on making ATCC products and services accessible for life science researchers throughout Europe and Africa with a partner capable of providing permitting assistance, technical and shipping support, and superior customer service. LGC is a global leader in the life sciences with deep expertise, such as that found at the UK's National Measurement Laboratory, and strong relationships with researchers in academia, drug discovery, toxicology, and molecular diagnostics. Through this long-term partnership, more than 4,000 ATCC products are maintained in LGC facilities and supported through LGC’s network of sales offices that facilitate and accelerate the ordering and delivery processes for our customers in Europe and Africa.

Ordering ATCC products from LGC

ATCC products can be found on both the LGC and ATCC websites, but purchasing ATCC products occurs through LGC for our customers in Europe and Africa. While browsing our website, you can add products to your cart, and the products are transferred to when you want to complete your purchase. To complete your transaction, you will need an LGC account.

If you are in Europe or Africa, you can determine the contact information for your LGC distributor on our website and contact LGC directly for any questions or support you may need with ATCC products. 

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