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ATCC and InSphero Partnership

A transformative strategic partnership to revolutionize oncology research through advanced 3D cell-based assays

ATCC and InSphero have formed a strategic partnership that is set to redefine standards and introduce new paradigms in the rapidly evolving field of 3D cell–based oncology research.

By combining the power of ATCC's gold-standard, authenticated cell lines with InSphero's innovative, industry-leading 3D cell-based assay platforms, the scientific community will gain unprecedented access to assay-ready 3D tumor microtissues that will help accelerate oncology research at a global scale. This partnership will also provide an expansive and diverse portfolio of tumor models in easy-to-use and workflow-ready formats, ensuring researchers have access to enriched data sets that underpin better decision making in drug safety and efficacy.

Read the press release to learn more about the partnership.

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To fight cancer, scientists need access to a wide variety of model systems to elucidate the mechanisms behind the growth and metastasis of each tumor type.

ATCC supports this critical need by providing a comprehensive portfolio of authenticated cell lines, advanced biological models, cancer panels, and patient-derived models that can be used in biomarker discovery, tumor biology studies, drug screening, immuno-oncology, and more. Explore our resources to see how we can support your oncology studies.

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