Cell Bank Production

Multi channel pipettes, filling cell culture well plate with clear pink media.

We work with you at all stages of the cell bank development process

ATCC has been the authority on cell and microbial banking for nearly 100 years. We have the facilities and the expertise to expand cell lines to create master and working cell banks for your assay needs. The cell lines can be supplied by you, or from the ATCC catalog, or from primary cells that are sourced and derived to your specifications. Accordingly, we can support any cell and tissue banking need, including stem cell banking. We will work with you at all stages of the cell bank development process from the initiation of your project to the large-scale production of your cells and microbes.


Accessioning is a critical step in any cell bank development. The cell bank can only be as good as the cells from which it was developed, especially for primary cell and stem cell storage banks. ATCC has a robust process, protocols, and a team of scientists in place for accessioning the right type of materials. Leading pharmaceutical and diagnostics companies have been using our services for decades.

Cell Bank Starting Material (Choice of 3 Different Sources):

1. You – starting material provided by the client
2. ATCC – the starting material accessed from our collection center
3. Outside vendors – the material procured from outside vendors by you or by ATCC

ATCC Accessioning Advantage:

Availability of starting material – We are one of the largest collection centers for microbes and cells in the world.

ATCC Collection Center Contains:

Bacteria (18,000 strains in over 750 genera, 3,600 type cultures of validly described species, and nearly 500 bacteriophages)
Viruses (over 2,000)
Fungi and yeast (over 32,000 yeast genetic strains)
Cell Lines (3,600 cell lines from over 150 different species)
Vast number of hybridomas and human primary cells

Cell banking services

Multi channel pipettes, containing clear blue media, with tips in cell culture well plate.

Master Cell Bank Manufacturing

Master cell Bank (MCB) development is a critical process in biological materials production. Since the quality of your final product is dependent on the quality of the cells used for its manufacturing, great care should be taken while developing master cell banks, including stem cell storage banks.

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Working Cell Bank Manufacturing

Working cell banks (WCBs) are prepared from master cell banks (MCBs) under defined cell culture conditions. Quality control tests, via DNA profiling techniques, are performed to confirm that the MCB and the WCB are genetically identical, as well as to ensure the WCB is free of contaminants.

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Custom Cell Authentication Services

ATCC provides a range of authentication testing services designed to ensure consistency and reliability of your research data. Common tests include viability, sterility, mycoplasma testing, molecular assays, and more. If your cell bank requires unique assays/methods, we can develop those methods for you.

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ATCC scientist wearing lab coat, safety glasses, and gloves, with hands in vapor in cryopreservation tank.

Biorepository Services

ATCC provides researchers with cGMP-compliant biorepository facilities and deposit services that enable the secure and reliable storage and management of your precious biological materials.

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Assay-ready cells

Assay-ready cells give you the flexibility to perform your experiments when you’re ready, without the time and manpower commitments of cell cultivation, maintenance, or counting. ATCC offers expert capabilities for the preparation and characterization of assay-ready cells, either from authenticated ATCC cell lines or your own proprietary cell lines.

Green and blue epithelial htert cells.

Cell Immortalization

ATCC project managers and subject matter experts will work with you to produce immortalized cells tailored to your requirements.

Blue and green high resolution fibroblast cells.

Custom Primary Cell Services

ATCC will work with you to develop custom primary cells using either your starting tissue or our robust donor network. Our best-in-class laboratory staff are able to deliver the production, scalability, automated vialing, storage, and distribution your project requires.