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2013 Webinars

Purple yellow and green Caco2 intestinal epithelial cells. Webinar

Molecular Signature Panels: Powerful Tools for the Genomics Age

This webinar describes the development of ATCC molecular signature panels through the combination of authenticated cell lines that contain critical gene copy number changes and site mutations.

Green and purple induced pluripotent stem dermal fibroblast cells. Webinar

Primary Cell Solutions - Biologically Relevant In Vitro Models

This webinar describes how ATCC's broad offering of primary cells, optimized media systems and transfection reagents can help you get your primary cell cultures up and running, so you can get your experiments going, and your research moving forward.

Green and purple double helix DNA. Webinar

Transfection Reagents - A Better Style of Protein Expression

This webinar describes how transfection reagents and culturing practices can affect the success of your experiments.