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2012 Webinars

Broken DNA helix made of purple balls. Webinar

Assessing Novel Storage Techniques and Their Ability to Stabilize Nucleic Acids

Novel ambient temperature stable storage approaches offer the potential advantage that various materials could be subjected to a broad range of hostile temperatures without diminishing their performance in downstream applications. In this webinar, we discuss some of the results generated through our technology assessment program.

Green, dumpling-shaped Trichomoniasis parasite with tails. Webinar

Biological Resources of the ATCC Protistology Collection

Protistology research and comparative studies are dependent on the accessibility of authenticated biological standards. In this webinar, we provide an overview of the biological resources available in the ATCC Protistology Collection, a discussion on the methods of characterization, benefits of depositing, current research projects, and future perspectives.

Round, textured, purple lung cancer cells on a dark background. Webinar

Tumor Cell Panels in Cancer Research and Drug Discovery

Human cancer cell lines are essential tools in both high-throughput drug screening and detailed molecular mechanism studies. Watch our webinar to discover how to choose the best cell lines and cell line panels for your research.