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Cell-based Models for the Discovery and Development of Cancer Therapeutics

Blue and purple ecad488 organoid cell models.


ATCC is committed to providing cancer models that lead to breakthroughs in therapeutic discovery and development. To this end, we are focused on developing new products that can accelerate oncology pre-clinical research and drug development. This workshop will highlight two application areas of our current focus: 2-D and 3-D models for the Human Cancer Models Initiative (HCMI) and reporter models and primary cells for immuno-oncology–based therapeutics. Join this session to learn about organoids, neurospheres, conditionally reprogrammed cells, CAR-T Target reporters for assessing effector cell potency, checkpoint inhibitor reporters, and primary CD8+ cytotoxic T cells.

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Utsav Sharma, Headshot

Utsav Sharma, PhD

Product Manager, Oncology, ATCC

Dr. Utsav Sharma is the Product Manager for the Oncology portfolio at ATCC. Utsav obtained his PhD in Cancer Biology at the University of Miami School of Medicine, and completed his postdoctoral training at Georgetown University, focused on the tumor microenvironment, metastasis, liquid biopsy, and clinical cancer research. Prior to ATCC, Utsav worked as a Senior Scientist at Autolus Therapeutics PLC on their CD19 CAR-T platform Obe-cel, providing technical and scientific oversight to the global phase-II clinical trial on adults with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL) disease. Utsav has a passion for cell-based research and aims to use his scientific and business development background to partner with clients to accelerate their work using the next generation services and product offerings from ATCC.

Hyeyoun Chang, headshot

Hyeyoun Chang, PhD

Scientist, ATCC

Hyeyoun Chang, PhD, is a Scientist in the Immuno-oncology group of the R&D department at ATCC. She has extensive experience in the fields of biomedical engineering and cancer biology that focuses on drug delivery, intracellular signaling, and gene therapy. Prior to joining ATCC, Dr. Chang received her PhD in biomedical engineering from Korea University of Science and Technology and completed her postdoctoral training at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute/ Harvard Medical School. 

James Clinton, headshot.

James Clinton, PhD

Lead Scientist, ATCC

James Clinton, PhD, works in new product development with a focus on primary cells and advanced, physiologically relevant culture systems using novel technologies. Previously he worked at University of California, San Diego and the La Jolla Institute for Molecular Medicine. Dr. Clinton attended Washington State University and University of California, San Diego where he studied Neuroscience.

Cancer immunotherapy white oral squamous red cytotoxic T-cells

Human Cancer Models Initiative

ATCC is collaborating with the Human Cancer Models Initiative (HCMI) to offer scientists a wide variety of next-generation 2-D and 3-D patient-derived in vitro cancer models, including organoids.

ATCC is committed to making available a growing collection of models generated by the HCMI, which will include both common as well as rare and understudied examples of cancer from numerous tissues. These HCMI models are valuable tools to study cancer, identify and target novel therapies, and facilitate translational cancer research.

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