Accessioning is a critical step in any cell bank development. The cell bank can only be as good as the cells from which it was developed. ATCC has a robust process, protocols, and a team of scientists in place for accessioning the right type of materials. Leading pharmaceutical and diagnostics companies have been using our services for decades.

Cell Bank Starting Material (Choice of 3 Different Sources):
  1. You – starting material provided by the client
  2. ATCC – the starting material accessed from our collection center
  3. Outside vendors – the material procured from outside vendors by you or by ATCC
ATCC Accessioning Advantage:

Availability of starting material – We are one of the largest collection centers for microbes and cells in the world.

ATCC Collection Center Contains:

  • Bacteria (18,000 strains in over 750 genera, 3,600 type cultures of validly described species, and nearly 500 bacteriophages)
  • Viruses (over 2,000)
  • Fungi and yeast (over 32,000 yeast genetic strains)
  • Cell Lines (3,600 cell lines from over 150 different species)
  • Vast number of hybridomas and human primary cells