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ATCC offers a targeted array of products for the culture of melanocytes, including media and supplements that will support the propagation of melanocytes under low (less than 1% FBS) serum cell culture conditions. ATCC primary melanocytes are useful for studying the development of melanoma, response to UV radiation, skin diseases and trauma, and cosmetic research.

Epidermal Melanocytes, Adult

ATCC melanocytes from adult tissue are cryopreserved in the second passage to ensure the highest viability and plating efficiency.
DermaLife M L-DOPA

Epidermal Melanocytes, Neonatal

ATCC melanocytes from neonatal foreskin provide an ideal cell system to propagate melanocytes in low serum (less than 1.0% FBS) conditions in the absence of cholera toxin and phorbol 12-myristate 13-acetate (PMA).