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Certified Reference Materials

Female ATCC scientist opening door of Vitek2 microbial identification and antibiotic susceptibility testing equipment.

ATCC certified reference material has unprecedented reliability

As a scientist, you understand the challenges of working with human cells. This is especially true when you are establishing standards for in vitro model systems and setting up ISO-compliant processes to produce them.

Certified reference material (CRM) is a valuable tool when you want to establish sensitivity, linearity, and specificity during assay validation or implementation and validating or comparing test methods.

ATCC offers certified materials that are homogeneous and stable with respect to one or more specified properties and for which traceability and values of uncertainty at a stated level of confidence are established, where applicable. Our certified materials are recommended when you want to challenge assay performance for testing and benchmarking, and in pharmacopeia compendial tests.

ATCC’s certified materials that are produced under an ISO 17034:2016 accredited process offer the added benefit of confirmed identity, well-defined characteristics, and an established chain of custody, all essential qualities to their effectiveness as biological standards in research and development.

Our certified reference material is optimized for consistency between each lot. Each material has a traceable pedigree to the ATCC source culture and is carefully tested using polyphasic (genotypic and phenotypic) testing to confirm identity. You can rely on our intense level of quality assurance and lot-specific results. In addition, we provide you comprehensive documentation that includes property values and their uncertainty calculations, expiration dating, and serial numbering of vials.

Female scientist wearing lab coat and gloves looking into a microscope.

Certified Reference Materials

The variability of biological materials brings challenges to your work. ATCC offers human cells that are homogeneous and stable to one or more specific properties and are reliable certified reference material. In addition to human cells standards, we also provide bacteria, fungi, and viruses reference materials as controls in your research. Cultures are accompanied by a certificate of analysis, which states the results of each assessed property value, the expiration date of the material, and proper use, confirming all necessary procedures were performed to determine both purity and authenticity of the strain.

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Certified Reference Material

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