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Blue, pink and green IPS organoid cells.

Add physiological relevance to your preclinical studies

3-D models with biological relevance

Organoids are invaluable preclinical models for studying cancer and offer many advantages over existing human or non-human animal cancer models. These complex, self-organizing microtissues are grown embedded within 3-D extracellular matrix, enabling the formation of complex structures that closely resemble the architecture and physiological functions of organs or tissues. Because they simulate the interactions seen between cells and their surrounding matrix, organoids serve as relevant models for cancer research and drug discovery.

  • May contain multiple differentiated cell types
  • Exhibit cellular polarization
  • Often possess a central lumen or other in vivo–like architecture
  • Can remain phenotypically and genotypically stable after long term expansion

Patient-derived organoids from ATCC

In collaboration with the Human Cancer Models Initiative (HCMI), ATCC offers scientists a wide variety of next-generation 3-D patient-derived organoids. Our portfolio comprises authenticated, fully characterized organoids derived from healthy and cancerous tissues representing a variety of physiological systems. To help you get the most from these models, we also provide organoid growth kits and comprehensive protocols and tutorials to facilitate organoid growth and maintenance. 

  • All models are human patient-derived
  • Diverse genetic backgrounds
  • Clinical and sequencing data available via the HCMI portal
  • Models from primary, metastatic, and recurrent cancer
  • Rare and pediatric cancers included
  • Model-specific, easy-to-follow culturing protocols

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Organoid Growth Kits for streamlined media preparation

Organoids made easy

ATCC Organoid Growth Kits make it easy to subculture and grow your patient-derived organoids. Simply add the contents of the kit into your basal medium and conditioned medium, and you’re ready to feed your organoids!

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Unique formulations are needed to grow different types of organoids. To simplify organoid culture, we developed a number of Organoid Growth Kits for each of ATCC’s organoid subtypes to streamline media preparation.

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