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Luciferase-labeled Cells

Closeup of a black and red firefly showing his light while standing on a green leaf.

Illuminate your in vitro luminescent assays and in vivo live animal bioluminescent imaging

Imprecise in vivo animal models are a daily reality for cancer biologists. The results of biological-mechanism-of-action studies and drug development efforts are clouded because it is difficult to image and quantify engrafted tumors. Luciferase-labeled cell lines provide a simpler and highly sensitive means to measure biological processes and to assess drug efficacy in animal models through bioluminescence imaging. Our luciferase-reporter cell lines offer both in vitro luminescent assays and in vivo live animal bioluminescent imaging. 

ATCC luciferase-reporter cell lines:

  • Establish in vivo tumor models 
  • Show quantifiable luciferase expression
  • Verifiable Luc2 expression stability 
  • Derived from commonly used human and mouse cell lines
  • Developed by single cell cloning
  • Exhibit high signal/background ratio

Cells for cancer research

Purple and green top mouse skin cancer cells.

Stable Luciferase-Expressing Cell Lines for In Vivo Xenograft and Syngeneic Tumor Model Bioluminescence Imaging

In this presentation, we discuss ATCC research using human and mouse cell lines that represent various common cancer and tissue types such as breast, colon, lung, pancreas, prostate, and skin. After we introduced a Lenti-LUC2 luciferase reporter into the parental cell lines, single cell cloning was performed to isolate stable clones with high luciferase expression. We quantified in vitro bioluminescence signals within the cells and analyzed the signal-to-noise ratio.

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Human breast cancer cell dividing.

Cancer Research

Fighting cancer requires painstaking research and development. ATCC has research models such as organoids, conditionally reprogrammed cells, luciferase expressing reporter cell lines, isogenic CRISPR/Cas9 genome-edited cell lines, and epithelial-mesenchymal transition reporter cell lines.

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Luciferase-labeled Cells

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