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Nucleic Acid Extraction

Green and purple double helix DNA.

Custom Nucleic Acids

We can grow, extract, and purify nucleic acids from ATCC cultures

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The extraction, preparation, and verification of nucleic acids can often require extensive amounts of time, labor, and expense. Save time and money—ask ATCC to make it for you! We offer small- and large-scale extraction of genomic nucleic acids and we can custom produce synthetic microbial nucleic acids. For larger-scale custom preparations, we offer both qualitative and quantitative formats.

Small-scale quantities of nucleic acids from ATCC Genuine Cultures are ideal for the quality control of molecular-based assays. If you require larger quantities of nucleic acids, we can grow, extract, and purify nucleic acids from most ATCC cell and microbial cultures or your own internal cultures in either qualitative or quantitative formats. For quantitative formats, we calculate genome copy number using Droplet Digital PCR. Custom nucleic acids at any scale are prepared from minimally passaged ATCC cell lines and microorganisms that have been phenotypically and genotypically authenticated to confirm species identity and functional activity. These whole-genome preparations save you the cost and time associated with culturing and extracting nucleic acids yourself. 

ATCC offers the custom production of synthetic microbial nucleic acids. Nucleic acids that represent clinically relevant organisms that cannot be reliably cultured in vitro, such as Hepatitis C, Treponema pallidum, and Norovirus, can be developed and provided in either a qualitative or quantitative format. The ATCC team of experts in microbial genomics will work with you to design and develop key consensus target regions that will align with your primers. Multiple sequence alignment allows for the development of a consensus sequence that is used to synthetically build the finished product. Each custom preparation is supported by stringent quality control analyses to ensure product identity, stability, and functionality with molecular applications. 

What we offer our customers:
▪ Nucleic acids (Genomic DNA and RNA from mammalian cell lines, genomic DNA from microbial strains, DNA/RNA from viruses)
▪ Both small- and large-scale extraction of nucleic acids 
▪ Qualitative or quantitative formats available from large-scale preps
▪ Quantitative format allows for generation of a standard curve and monitoring assay-to-assay and lot-to-lot variation
▪ Native nucleic acids extracted from ATCC cell lines or microbial strains
▪ Custom production of synthetic microbial nucleic acids 

 Small-scale product description

  • Small-scale (1 µg-10 µg) of DNA or RNA isolated from Animal Cell Lines in the ATCC Cell Biology collection
  • Small-scale (50 ng-2 µg) of DNA isolated from most Bacterial strains in the ATCC Bacteriology collection

Turn-around Time: 14-17 days


  • DNA and RNA from Animal Cell lines: ≥1 µg
  • DNA from Bacterial cells: ~ 200 ng

Release Testing:

  • DNA concentration is measured by PicoGreen®. DNA integrity is assessed by agarose gel electrophoresis
  • RNA is tested for concentration and integrity on an Agilent 2100 Bioanalyzer

Biosafety Level (BSL):

  • Custom nucleic acids ship at the BSL of the parental organism
  • Viability testing is available for an additional fee

For larger-scale quantities (µg to mg quantities) request more information in the form below.

Blue fluorescent staining of Histoplasma capsulatum fungus.

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Custom nucleic acid services

Contact us using the form below for more information on our services, or to let us know that you are ready to start your project.

Our laboratories are able to provide you with customized options grounded in decades of industry knowledge, making us your preferred strategic partner. Our team works with you through all stages of your custom project process, from the initial inquiry, design and initiation of your project, to the production, characterization, packaging, storage and distribution of your biological materials. Project managers work directly with our subject matter experts to design, execute, and monitor your project. This allows you to focus on your core competencies while we focus on what we do best, producing, managing and delivering the highest quality biological materials, globally.

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Concentric circles with purple, orange and yellow markers for DNA sequencing.

Next-generation Sequencing

Next-generation sequencing (NGS) is a powerful method used to identify strains, especially those from complex microbiomes. That's why we offer both 16S rRNA and targeted sequencing services to support your research.

Multi channel pipettes, filling cell culture well plate with clear pink media.

Cell Bank Production

We have been the authority on cell and microbial banking for nearly 100 years. Our laboratory and storage facilities are first-in-class for the large-capacity storage of cell lines, microorganisms, and other biological materials. We can support any cell banking need and will work with you at all stages of the cell bank development process from the initiation of your project to the large-scale production of your cells and microbes.

Blue and white parts of RNA strand.

Nucleic Acid Quantitation

We can custom produce genomic and synthetic nucleic acids in small or large scale. Larger-scale preparations can be quantified by genome copy number using Droplet Digital PCR.