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Next-generation Sequencing

Concentric circles with purple, orange and yellow markers for DNA sequencing.

We offer both 16S rRNA and targeted sequencing services to support your research

Next-generation sequencing (NGS) is a powerful method used to identify strains, especially those from complex microbiomes. Using NGS you can identify genetic changes and investigate associations with diseases. NGS is valuable in microbiome studies, medical research, environmental research, and more.

What we offer


Next-generation Sequencing
Whole genome sequencing of most microbes and viruses for your specific research needs. Results can be supplied as raw data or include customized analysis..

16S rRNA Sequencing
This method is used in phylogeny and taxonomy studies to identify and compare different bacteria present in a given sample.

Targeted Sequencing
Compared to whole-genome sequencing, targeted sequencing is a cost-effective and rapid method used by researchers to study specific regions of DNA.

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ATCC Genome Portal

Looking for reference-quality whole-genome sequences for ATCC strains? With a free account, you can easily search, download, and analyze hundreds of high quality genomes.

Explore the Genome Portal

Next-generation Sequencing Standards for Virome Research

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Green and purple double helix DNA.

Nucleic Acid Extraction

Can't find exactly what you need? We can grow, extract, and purify nucleic acids from most ATCC cultures.

Blue and white parts of RNA strand.

Nucleic Acid Quantitation

We can custom produce genomic and synthetic nucleic acids in small or large scale. Larger-scale preparations can be quantified by genome copy number using Droplet Digital PCR.

Multi channel pipettes, filling cell culture well plate with clear pink media.

Cell Bank Production

We have been the authority on cell and microbial banking for nearly 100 years. Our laboratory and storage facilities are first-in-class for the large-capacity storage of cell lines, microorganisms, and other biological materials. We can support any cell banking need and will work with you at all stages of the cell bank development process from the initiation of your project to the large-scale production of your cells and microbes.