Cell Engineering

Blue and green metastatic carcinoma cells.

Custom Cell Engineering

Engineering cells for scientific studies

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ATCC works with you through all stages of your custom cell engineering project. Our project management team will partner with you to develop custom protocols by working to understand your needs.

We offer customized services you need for your specific research projects.

Cell Immortalization

▪ Custom immortalization services produce cell lines that have an extended lifespan and typically are similar to the primary parent cells
▪ The ability to overcome the limited lifespan of primary cells by combining our custom cell derivation service with our custom cell immortalization service
▪ In addition to standard ATCC cell authentication testing, immortalized cell lines can be tested for extended proliferative capacity and 
selected phenotypic markers from the tissue of interest (eg, the continuous expression of hTERT)
▪ Experienced project managers and subject matter experts will work with you to produce an immortalized cell line tailored to your requirements

CRISPR Editing

We offer custom genome editing services that span from assay design to cell line development, and we will work with you to develop a cell line that best meets your research needs. We take highly authenticated cell lines from our collection and introduce the disease-relevant mutations using single guide RNAs (sgRNAs) that are designed to guide Cas9 to the targeted regions. The parental cell lines are cotransfected with sgRNA and Cas9. The transfected cells are sorted into single cells and expanded for testing. The gene-edited isogenic cell clones are then rigorously screened.


Genetic and transcript validation:

  • Sanger sequencing
  • Next-generation sequencing (NGS)
  • PCR and RT-PCR



Protein expression and function validation:

  • Western blot (when appropriate)
  • Drug responses
  • Other biofunctional assays


Custom Primary Cell Services

Custom primary cells can be produced in large lots, making them ideal for scale-up as ready-to-use cells or ready-to-store for longer term 
▪ By removing time dependencies with tissue procurement and isolations, we offer our customers flexibility
▪ All tissues utilized for human primary cell derivation are ethically obtained with documented, legal permission for research use; upon 
request, detailed donor information can be provided both for normal and diseased cells
▪ Characterization with full quality control testing that can include phenotyping by immunocytochemistry (ICC) or flow cytometry
▪ Offering reagents matched and optimized to work with each primary cell type

STAT1 Knockout

We offer custom service to knock out STAT1 from cells in our collection or from your cells. Our services experts can help you through the process.

Custom cell engineering services

Blue fluorescent staining of Histoplasma capsulatum fungus.

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Custom cell engineering services

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Our laboratories are able to provide you with customized options grounded in decades of industry knowledge, making us your preferred strategic partner. Our team works with you through all stages of your custom project process, from the initial inquiry, design and initiation of your project, to the production, characterization, packaging, storage and distribution of your biological materials. This allows you to focus on your core competencies while we focus on what we do best, producing, managing and delivering the highest quality biological materials, globally.

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Custom Cell Authentication Services

ATCC offers custom testing services to authenticate your cell lines. These can be ordered separately or as a package of tests to ensure a cell line’s identity is verified and shown to be free of contamination from other cell lines and microbes.

Green and red astrocyte GFAP neural progenitor cells.

Reporter-labeled Cells

ATCC can provide reporter-labeled cell lines to your specifications, including luciferase, GFP, RFP, and lacZ reporter-labeled cell lines to illuminate your research results.

Hand pointing to white circle over DNA strand made of white and blue balls and map of the world in the background.

Molecular Analysis

ATCC can design and produce external controls and derivatives in a variety of formats both quantitative and qualitative. We can perform custom extractions from the biologic of choice to provide controls for verification, validation, and/or routinely monitor the performance of assays or workflows.