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Authenticate your cell lines. Trust your results.

ATCC is the leader in delivering standardized methods for cell line authentication used to test for contamination and identity. Authentication of a cell line is the sum of the processes by which a cell line’s identity is verified and shown to be free of contamination from other cell lines and microbes. Using standardized techniques for authentication, we can ensure valid and reproducible results. ATCC is at the nexus of the recognized problem of cell line misidentification and offers standardized methods to ensure cell line identity and quality.

ATCC provides authentication testing services designed to ensure consistency and reliability of your research data.

We offer a range of services to authenticate and characterize your cells:

  • Viability (eg, Trypan blue dye exclusion) 
  • Sterility (testing for the absence of bacteria and fungi)
  • Mycoplasma (PCR as well as direct and indirect culture assays)
  • STR (short-tandem repeat) profiling of human cell lines and mouse cell lines to confirm identity
  • Animal species identification (Cytochrome Oxidase C1 barcoding; multiplex PCR CO1 testing)
  • Viral testing (HIV, Hepatitis B, HPV, EBV, and CMV)
  • Phenotyping by ICC or flow cytometry and molecular assays (eg, Next-generation Sequencing and target sequencing)
  • Comprehensive analysis of your cell line by ATCC experts in cell authentication
  • Surface marker testing
  • Other molecular assays (eg, qPCR, ddPCR™, qRT-PCR, 16S rRNA, NGS and target sequencing, etc.)
  • ISO/IEC 17025 certified process for quality control tests

If your cell bank requires unique assays or methods, we can develop those methods for you.

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Cell authentication tests

Green K562-GFP with nuclear stain.

Human Cell STR Testing

ATCC authenticates human cells through its easy-to-use human cell short tandem repeat (STR) profiling service. Once you receive your FTA Sample Collection Kit, spot your cells onto Whatman FTA cards, let them dry, and mail them to ATCC.

Purple and green top mouse skin cancer cells.

Mouse Cell STR Testing

Developed by ATCC in partnership with the National Institutes for Standards and Technology (NIST) and tested by 10 independent laboratories, ATCC’s Mouse STR profiling service offers a new global standard for mouse cell line authentication.

Scientist looking into a microscope, hand on one of the eye pieces.

Mycoplasma Testing

ATCC offers two options for testing for mycoplasma, the notoriously common bacteria that quickly infiltrate and destroy cell cultures: PCR-based mycoplasma testing or culture-based testing (Hoechst DNA staining and direct culture testing).

Blue fluorescent staining of Histoplasma capsulatum fungus.

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ATCC provides authentication testing services designed to ensure consistency and reliability of your research data. Contact us for custom authentication services.

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