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Advanced Drug-resistant Cell Models for Cancer Therapeutic Resistance Studies

Blue and red lung cancer cells.


Despite an increase in the number of novel anti-cancer drugs, the persistence of drug resistance remains a major challenge in cancer research. Cell-based models are critical tools for understanding the mechanisms of drug resistance and developing novel therapeutics. This workshop highlighted how state-of-the-art ATCC drug-resistant cancer cell models created by CRISPR gene-editing technology can facilitate the discovery of new types of therapeutics that overcomes drug resistance. In addition, cell models for combination therapy studies were discussed in this session.

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Headshot of Fang Tian, PhD

Fang Tian, PhD

Director, Biological Content, ATCC

Dr. Fang Tian, Director of Biological Content for ATCC, has extensive experience in cell biology and molecular biology. She oversees human, animal cell lines and hybridomas, and product development in the Cell Biology General Collection at ATCC. Dr. Tian was a research fellow in Massachusetts General Hospital, Harvard Medical School. She conducted postdoctoral research at the Hillman Cancer Institute of UPMC.