lambdagt10 (ATCC® 40179)

Applications: Vector for constructing cDNA libraries  /  Depositors: Monsanto Co., RW Davis, PD Kelly, Monsanto Co.

Designations lambdagt10
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Depositors Monsanto Co., RW Davis, PD Kelly, Monsanto Co.
U.S. Patent
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Biosafety Level 1
Host Escherichia coli BNN93 (ATCC® 47024™) (vector propagation); Escherichia coli BNN102 (ATCC® 47025™) (screen for recombinants)
Vector Information
Size (kb): 43.34
Vector: lambdagt10 (phage, lambda - replacement)
Construct size (kb): 43.34
Cloning sites: EcoRI
Cloning capacity: 7.6 kb
Host range: Escherichia coli

replicon: lambda
Vector for constructing cDNA libraries
The EcoRI site divides the vector into a left arm of 32.7 kb and a right arm of 10.7 kb.
Useful for cloning EcoRI compatible DNA fragments that range between 0-7 kb.

Huynh TV, et alConstructing and screening cDNA libraries in lambdagt10 and lambdagt11In: Huynh TV, et alDNA cloning techniques: a practical approach1OxfordIRL Presspp. 49-78, 1985

Sambrook J, et al. Molecular cloning: a laboratory manual. 1Cold Spring Harbor, NY: CSHL Press; 1989.

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Component of: ATCC 87600
Shipped frozen 0.5 mL