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Preceptrol Cultures

Purple strands of grape-like Aspergillosis fungus.

Save money with ATCC Preceptrol cultures

ATCC Preceptrol cultures are well-characterized ATCC strains that are less expensive than traditional cultures due to more economical packaging. In this method, material is freeze-dried in a glass serum vial then sealed with a rubber stopper and metal cap. Because these samples are usually distributed in serum vials capped with butyl rubber stoppers rather than the double-vialed ampoules, they are cheaper to produce and allow ATCC to reduce the usual fees. 

Preceptrol cultures are afforded the same standards of quality as our traditional batch vial preparations. 

These cultures are good for use as teaching strains. In some cases, they are the type strains of the species. Explore our collection of Preceptrol cultures for mycology for a more economical way to conduct your research. ATCC also offers Preceptrol cultures for bacteriology research.

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Translucent stems and blue, flower-like clusters of Exophiala salmonis.

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Preceptrol Cultures

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