Mycoplasma Testing Service

ATCC's Mycoplasma Testing Service – Testing your cell cultures for mycoplasma. DNA staining and direct culture methods are performed simultaneously for each sample.

How to submit your samples for testing: Procedure for Submitting Cell Cultures for Mycoplasma Testing

Universal mycoplasma detection kit

Mycoplasma contamination can have adverse effects on cell line growth and characteristics. Contamination may occur via contact with other previously infected cultures. It can also be transferred by the cell culture technician or through the use of contaminated reagents. The adoption of appropriate handling and testing procedures minimizes the risk of contamination from these sources.

We offer direct and indirect culture, as a bundled service, for mycoplasma testing.

Mycoplasma Testing Service has to be scheduled with our Customer Care Team. Use the Contact Us button below to schedule your testing today!

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