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Synthetic Biology Solutions

Biological systems design and development

Synthetic biology combines science and engineering to enable the design and construction of novel pathways, devices, and systems, as well as the re-design of natural biological processes. With the ATCC Synthetic Biology Tool Kit, researchers can easily create complex pathways designed to understand and address current challenges in medicine, energy, agriculture, ecology, and industry. Get started with our growing selection of:

  • Destination, donor, and carrier vectors
  • Constitutive, inducible, and regulatable promoters
  • Selection markers

Create complex genetic circuits in yeast in 4-7 days! With our two-stage assembly system, researchers can build multiple transcriptional units in parallel, enabling individual elements to be swapped out quickly and easily. What’s more, this system doesn’t require gel extractions or polymerase chain reactions, thus reducing potential mutation rates. Design your biological systems today!

Build your circuit in 3 easy steps

Two-stage assembly system for yeast gene circuit construction and delivery

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Design your network

Generation of Promoter Library


Generation of Gene Library


Generation of Coded Yeast Destination Vectors

Gateway® Reaction
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Assemble single transcriptional units (TUs) via Gateway® LR recombination

Coded Single Transcriptional Units

Gibson Assembly®
Yeast Carrier Vectors
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Linearize individual TUs and combine with a carrier vector and adapter fragment to form complete multi-TU networks

Fully Assembled Circuit on Variable Carrier Vector

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Gateway® is a registered trademark of Thermo Fisher Scientific. Gibson Assembly® is a registered trademark of Synthetic Genomics, Inc.