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Respiratory Disease

Looking for respiratory disease research materials?

Breathe easy! ATCC offers a wide range of authenticated materials that support research on microbial- and genetic-based disorders affecting the lungs, including influenza, pneumonia, tuberculosis, and lung cancer.

  • Pathogenic microorganisms
  • Cell models, hosts, and lung cancer resources
  • Microbial and tumor cell panels
  • Genomic and synthetic nucleic acids

ATCC microbial strains, cell lines, and primary cells provide you with the reliability of fully authenticated and characterized cultures for the development of vaccines, novel therapeutics, and rapid detection methods. Browse our respiratory disease solutions using the links provided below, or:

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Microbial Strains

Because the symptoms of many infectious respiratory diseases are non-specific, it is imperative that rapid and accurate detection methods continue to be developed. To support this need, ATCC offers a variety of bacterial, viral, and fungal strains known to cause respiratory disease in humans and animals.

Microbial panels
Respiratory disease resources
Coronavirus resources

Cell Lines, Primary Cells, Stem Cells

ATCC has a variety of cell lines derived from lung tissue representing the normal and diseased tissue of multiple species. Additionally, ATCC offers primary human airway cells and hTERT immortalized cells that offer more biologic relevance than cell lines. For cystic fibrosis researchers, ATCC supplies an Induced Pluripotent Stem Cell derived from a fibroblast of a donor with cystic fibrosis. These products are ideal for cancer research as well as the analysis of infectious and genetically predisposed respiratory diseases.

Cell lines
Lung cancer resources
Induced pluripotent stem cells - cystic fibrosis

Nucleic acids

The ATCC® Genuine Nucleics collection represents the largest and most diverse array of both cellular and microbiological genomic, synthetic, and certified reference materials available worldwide. Each preparation is isolated or synthetically derived under aseptic conditions to prevent cross-contamination. What’s more, you can trust that the DNA and RNA you obtain from ATCC has been fully authenticated and characterized to ensure integrity, purity, quantity, functional activity, and identity. 

Genomic nucleic acids
Synthetic nucleic acids