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Tools for Vaccine Production

ATCC is a trusted resource for materials related to vaccine production, including VERO and WI-38 cells, viral cultures, and microbial strains. ATCC also offers 24 types of purified pneumococcal polysaccharides that can be used to study pneumococcal disease biology and in immunological research.
Vero Neg control 1

Cell Lines for Vaccine Production

ATCC offers a variety of cell lines for the consistent and reproducible production of vaccines against intracellular microorganisms.
Streptococcus pneumoniaeImage, Dr. Mike Miller, CDC

Polysaccharides for Vaccine Production

ATCC offers purified pneumococcal polysaccharides, manufactured by both Pfizer, Inc. and Merck & Company, as a tool for vaccine production.
H1N1, Doug Jordan, CDC

Strains used for Vaccine Production

ATCC provides a variety of microbial strains, such as Streptococcus pneumoniae, for the production of vaccines.