An improved in vitro model of angiogenesis


Time: 12:00 PM Eastern Standard Time


Angiogenesis is a multi-step physiological process that is involved in a large number of normal and disease state processes. In this webinar, we will introduce the Angio-Ready™ Angiogenesis Assay System, an in vitro co-culture system for measuring angiogenesis. Angio-Ready™ consists of an assay-ready mixture of an hTERT-immortalized human aortic endothelial cell line (TeloHAEC-GFP) and an hTERT-immortalized adipose-derived mesenchymal stem cell line (hTERT-MSC) in a specially formulated medium. Both cell lines have been well-characterized to verify that they retain the most important characteristic of their parental counterparts. The new co-culture system forms functional tubular structures in less than 7 days and responds appropriately in a dose dependent manner to known agonists and inhibitors of angiogenesis. Thus, Angio-Ready™ is a ready-to-use, time-saving, high-throughput model for screening drugs or biomolecules for their effect on angiogenesis in cancer, toxicology, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, wound healing, and other pathologies.

Key Points:

  • Angio-Ready™ is a ready-to-use, scalable assay system for angiogenesis
  • Live imaging is possible with this in vivo-like model consisting of fine tubular structures formed in less than 7 days
  • The formation of vascular tubules responds appropriately to agonists and inhibitors of angiogenesis


Kevin Grady

Kevin Grady, B.S.,
Senior Product Line Business Manager, ATCC

Kevin Grady is the Senior Product Line Business Manager for Cell Biology at ATCC. He has been with ATCC for 5 years; prior to ATCC, he held positions at Lonza as Worldwide Product Manager and Director of Scientific Support. Kevin has a long history in the life science industry additionally serving as Director of Scientific Support at Amaxa and Manager of Technical Support at Life Technologies. Mr. Grady has always found great satisfaction in helping researchers learn how to use available products and tools to be more productive and successful in reaching their research goals.

Chaozhong Zou, PhD

Chaozhong Zou, Ph.D.,
Senior Scientist, ATCC Cell Systems

Dr. Chaozhong Zou is a Senior Scientist and the Group Leader of the Immortalized Cells group at ATCC Cell Systems. Dr. Zou has extensive experience in cell-related product development such as immortalized cell lines, stable reporter cell lines, and cell-based assays development. Dr. Zou was a research scientist at NorthShore University HealthSystem, University of Chicago Medical School and conducted postdoctoral research at Northwestern University and Tufts University.