In this webinar, ATCC bacteria propagation expert Nancy Krueger will cover various methods to achieve the growth of a wide variety of bacteria, focusing on these key takeaways:

  • Specific growth requirements should be tailored to ensure the successful propagation of individual bacteria strains. Different atmospheres, temperature ranges and other growth conditions will be discussed.
  • New bacterial isolates may present unique growth issues.
  • A rational approach to troubleshooting can ensure the resolution of poor growth.

Sangeeta Kumari, MS, is an expert at using CRISPR/Cas9 genome-editing technology for creating advanced cell-based models. Watch the presentation to learn how this cutting edge technology was used to create epithelial-mesenchymal transition reporter cell lines.

  • ATCC scientists used CRISPR/Cas9 to engineer an E-cadherin EmGFP (ECAD-EmGFP) reporter knock-in into a breast epithelial cell line.
  • The integrity of the ECAD-EmGFP knock-in was verified at the genomic, mRNA, and protein level.
  • This advanced cancer model can be used to track EMT status of cells in vitro by monitoring GFP expression.

Custom Solutions Large and Small:

Let ATCC’s Core Competencies Ensure Your Project’s Success


In this webinar, ATCC expert Kevin Grady will showcase how our laboratories and biorepository can provide customized solutions for organizations that choose to outsource critical processes. Learn:

  • The importance of cell authentication to support reliable and relevant research.
  • How ATCC scientists can use their expertise to engineer the cell modifications you need to advance your research.
  • How ATCC can produce, scale-up, store, and distribute your biomaterials under cGMP compliant conditions.