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Smooth Muscle Cells

Red lung MCB cells.

Primary smooth muscle cells are essential materials for in vitro research

Human primary smooth muscle cells are isolated from human tissue and are essential materials for in vitro research because they closely mimic in vivo response.

Smooth muscle cells, also known as smooth myocytes, isolated from tissues such as human ascending (thoracic) and descending (abdominal) aorta, coronary artery, and pulmonary artery are useful for studying vascular diseases such as thrombosis and atherosclerosis. Vascular smooth muscle cells make up the smooth muscle layer of blood vessels and can be co-cultured with vascular endothelium.

ATCC provides primary smooth muscle cells, including aortic (HAoSMC), coronary artery, pulmonary (HPASMC), and airway myocytes, for respiratory and cardiovascular disease research and can be used in drug testing, physiological and biomedical studies, and pathological studies. Primary bladder smooth muscle cells are essential tools for reconstructive surgery technique development, drug development, and incontinence research. ATCC primary uterine myocytes are useful models for studying uterine tumorigenesis, embryo implantation, and parturition.

ATCC offers a targeted array of products for the culture of smooth muscle cells, including media and supplements that will support the propagation of smooth muscle cells under low-serum cell culture conditions.

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Smooth Muscle Cells

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