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Genetic Disorder Research

Blue lung epithelial cystic fibrosis cells.

ATCC has reliable biological materials for genetic disorder research

Genetic disorder research focuses on diseases that are caused by genomic flaws that an individual can inherit from one or both parents. Examples of these flaws include mutations, duplications, deletions or translocations of genetic material within gametic cells. Genetic disorders may be lethal or nonlethal; nonlethal mutations give rise to individuals that display phenotypic characteristics associated with each disease or syndrome.

New research in stem cells, CRISPR/Cas9 genome editing, and gene delivery options are bringing scientists closer to novel treatments and potential cures for some of these disorders. As scientific inquiry continues, ATCC is on the cutting-edge by providing access to authenticated, reliable biological materials for ongoing genetic disorder research experimentation. 

ATCC is committed to collaboration and providing a wide array of authenticated cell lines from genetic diseases, including Down syndrome, cystic fibrosis, Cri du Chat syndrome, and Marfan syndrome.

Yellow and light blue DNA double helix.

CRIPSR Tool Cell Lines for Targeted Gene Expression Study

CRISPR tool cell lines are valuable tools that greatly simplify the study of human gene function and provide potential applications for precise gene knockout and knockdown in human cells.

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Genetic Disorder Research

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