Assay-ready Cells

Your research is important and you need results fast. That’s why ATCC tailors our custom services to meet the unique needs of your project. We offer expert capabilities for the preparation and characterization of assay-ready cells, either from authenticated ATCC cell lines or your own proprietary cell lines. With ready-to-use cells, you can gain the flexibility you need to schedule your experiments and increase the reproducibility and reliability of your assays—simply thaw, plate, and go!

Reliability – Assay-ready cells are cryopreserved at a highly functional state in the concentration you need, providing you with the reliable tools you need to perform, standardize, and reproduce your experiments.

Flexibility – Your time is important. Without the need for cell cultivation, maintenance, or counting, assay-ready cells give you the flexibility you need to perform your experiments when you want.

Authenticity – Scientific advancements depend on a strong foundation of data credibility. Have confidence in your data—start your next experiment with fully characterized and authenticated assay-ready cell lines from ATCC.