pPbac (ATCC® 87314)

Applications: expression vectorvector permitting visual detection of recombinantsvector with sequences for protein export  /  Depositors: BS Mroczkowski

Designations pPbac
Permits and Restrictions

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Depositors BS Mroczkowski
Biosafety Level 1
Vector Information
Size (kb): 13.6300001144409200
Vector: pPbac (phagemid)
Promoters: Promoter polyhedrin
Construction: pJVP10Z
Construct size (kb): 13.63000011444092
Features: marker(s): ampR
other: 5'-SmaI-Stuffer fragment-BamHI-3'
promoter: P10
promoter: polyhedrin
replicon: f1
signal peptide coding region: human placental alkaline phosphatase
coding sequence: lacZ
expression vector
vector permitting visual detection of recombinants
vector with sequences for protein export
Restriction digests of the clone give the following sizes (kb): BamHI--14.0; EcoRI--14.0; HindIII--8.0, 4.3, 1.0, 0.9.
The gene of interest can be inserted into pPbac by removal of the stuffer fragment which has a 5' SmaI site and a 3' BamHI site.
pPbac is a baculovirus transfer vector that facilitates secretion of recombinant proteins in insect cell systems based on the presence of the human placental alkaline phosphatase leader signal.
Media ATCC® Medium 1227: LB Medium (ATCC medium 1065) with 50 mcg/ml ampicillin
Growth Conditions
Temperature: 37.0°C

Mroczkowski BS, et al. Secretion of thermostable DNA polymerase using a novel baculovirus vector. J. Biol. Chem. 269: 13522-13528, 1994. PubMed: 8175786

Shipped freeze-dried