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Baby carrot-like pile of Clostridium difficile bacteria.

Bacterial Culture Fundamentals: How to Address Common Propagation Challenges

October 29, 2020, at 12:00 PM ET


Throughout the centuries, bacteria have evolved to survive in a multitude of environments—from the scalding depths of hot springs to the coolant water tanks of nuclear reactors. While much is already known about these incredible microorganisms, the sheer diversity within Kingdom Bacteria challenges biologists as many species require specialized growth conditions. In this webinar, we will cover the various methods used at ATCC to achieve successful growth for a wide variety of bacteria, along with troubleshooting tips to ensure the propagation of difficult-to-grow strains such as Mollicutes and extremophiles.

Key Points

  • Specific growth requirements should be tailored to ensure the successful propagation of individual bacteria strains. Different atmospheres, temperature ranges and other growth conditions will be discussed.
  • New bacterial isolates may present unique growth issues.
  • A rational approach to troubleshooting can ensure the resolution of poor growth.

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Nancy Krueger Senior Biologist, ATCC

Nancy Krueger

Lead Biologist, ATCC

Nancy Krueger is a Lead Biologist in the Manufacturing, Science, and Technology (MSAT) Bacteriology department at ATCC. During the last 11 years, she has developed an in-depth knowledge of technology transfer, quality control, and propagation of a variety of bacteria, fungi, and yeast. Ms. Krueger is also experienced in studies determining the ideal propagation and test methods for anaerobes, optimization of the propagation methods of bacteriophage, and enumeration of Mycoplasma. Prior to working at ATCC, she worked in healthcare in a hospital laboratory and emergency department. Ms. Krueger has a bachelor’s degree in Biology from George Mason University.