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White, dry, fuzzy, clusters of bacteria.

Making Sense Out of Microbiome Data: The Importance of Standards

August 22, 2019, at 12:00 PM ET


With the undeniable variability in next-generation sequencing data, it is essential that standards are incorporated at each stage of the workflow—from sample collection to data analysis. That’s why ATCC is committed to providing the authenticated microbiome standards and data analysis solutions needed to produce reliable and reproducible results. In this webinar, we will provide an overview on the current challenges in microbiome research and will demonstrate the application of mock microbial communities in assay development and standardization.

Key Points

  • Optimization at each step of the analytical process is essential to the validity and reproducibility of experimental data.
  • The consistent use of controls during each step of a workflow allows users to understand where biases are introduced.
  • ATCC has developed a wide range of fully sequenced and quantitative mock microbial communities that support the development and optimization of microbiome research workflows.

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Briana Benton, headshot.

Briana Benton, BS

Technical Manager, ATCC

Briana Benton is a Program Manager for ATCC’s Sequencing and Bioinformatics department. Her current focus is on the ATCC Genome Portal and expanding the collection of published reference genomes. Briana previously worked on the development of mock microbial communities for microbiome research and synthetic molecular standards for molecular diagnostics assays. Prior to joining ATCC, she developed molecular diagnostic assays for the Henry M. Jackson Foundation.