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Fluorescent green and blue neurons.

Using LUHMES Cells as a Model System to Study Dopaminergic Neuron Cell Biology

October 16, 2014, at 12:00 PM ET


Dopaminergic neurons play significant roles in motor, reward, and motivational behavior related circuits throughout the brain. To date, there are few continuous in vitro models available to laboratories in research, industry, and academia for studies related to basic dopaminergic cell biology or high throughput screening. Here, we propose the use of a human model system, LUHMES cells, to study dopaminergic neuron cell biology. During this webinar, we will highlight some of the advantages of using LUHMES cells, as well as examples of how they have been used in drug screening and to study the molecular mechanisms related to Parkinson’s Disease.

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Tigwa Davis, headshot.

Tigwa H. Davis, PhD

Senior Scientist, Neurobiology, ATCC