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Exploring ATCC's Fungal Collection for Opportunities in Biofuel Advancement

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46th Symposium on Biomaterials, Fuels and Chemicals (SBFC)

Alexandria, Virginia, United States

April 28, 2024


As a leading provider of authenticated biological materials, ATCC facilitates research and development by granting access to a vast collection of scientifically credible materials. Our mycology collection, which comprises over thirty thousand fungal strains spanning 1850 genera, holds immense potential for diverse industrial applications. Currently, we are undertaking a comprehensive project to characterize the utility of our fungal collection and are providing reference-quality whole-genome sequencing data through the ATCC Genome Portal. Within our extensive collection, nearly 600 ATCC strains spanning 74 species across 45 genera have the potential for biofuel production, addressing the crucial need for sustainable energy sources. Microbial-produced biofuels offer a sustainable solution by harnessing natural metabolic pathways. Among the strains with biofuel potential, 57% are linked to lignocellulosic ethanol, 34% contain hydrocarbons usable in biodiesel production, and 9% are involved in bioethanol production. This poster highlights the symbiotic relationship between ATCC's collection and the evolving landscape of biofuel research, emphasizing the pivotal role our diverse strains can play in addressing both the global demand for sustainable energy solutions and the critical need for biofuel advancements amid depleting fossil fuel resources.

Download the poster to learn about our fungal strains with potential applications in biofuel production.



Anthony Muhle, headshot

Anthony Muhle, MS

Senior Biologist, Content & Accessioning, ATCC

Anthony is a microbiologist with several years of experience working in fungal, bacterial, and viral plant pathogen research and molecular diagnostics. Before joining ATCC, he worked as a Biological Science Technician for the USDA-Agricultural Research Services performing molecular identification of novel viral plant pathogens utilizing next-generation sequencing. At ATCC, Anthony performs various experiments that help promote ATCC’s mycology collection as well as analyze sales and product data to generate dashboard reports that provide insight into ATCC’s mycology production.

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Mycology strains are vital for advances in biomedical, pharmaceutical, and commercial research, which is why ATCC offers a vast collection of antimicrobial-resistant fungal strains, quality control organisms, and genomic fungal DNA.