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Creating High-quality RNA-sequencing Reference Data from ATCC’s Verified Cell Lines

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ASGCT 27th Annual Meeting 2024

Baltimore, Maryland, United States

May 09, 2024


Access to reliable RNA-seq reference data from verified ATCC cell lines is pivotal for progressing biomedical research. Nevertheless, there is a notable absence of a thorough dataset in the public domain that precisely mirrors the RNA characteristics linked with these cell lines. This kind of resource is fundamental for establishing a baseline control when utilizing these cell lines across diverse studies. Employing meticulous RNA sequencing techniques and rigorous quality checks, ATCC has crafted the ATCC Cell Line Land tool—an online platform featuring extensive transcriptomic and genomic data from source material, serving as the benchmark reference standard.

Our sequencing endeavors provide a thorough inventory of RNA transcripts, shedding light on the fundamental gene expression profiles within cell lines. Through comparative analyses, distinct RNA expression patterns have emerged, delineating molecular discrepancies among various cell lines. Notably, our examination has delineated relative basal gene expression levels between genetically modified cells versus native ones and between healthy primary and cancerous cells. This information holds significance in the selection of cell lines for study and subsequent analysis. Integrating ATCC Cell Line Land RNA-seq data with existing genomic and proteomic datasets in the public domain facilitates the validation of results across different data types, enabling comprehensive multi-omics analyses and mitigating ambiguity while enhancing clarity in data interpretation. Furthermore, comparative analysis of cell line RNA-seq data could aid in predicting cellular responses to treatment, facilitating drug screening, and anticipating potential outcomes. We advocate for collaborative endeavors to continually update and refine these high-quality reference databases, ensuring their pertinence and utility in the dynamic landscape of research.

Download the poster to explore our comparative analysis of transcriptome data.



Ajeet Singh, headshot

Ajeet Singh, PhD

Senior Scientist, ATCC

Dr. Ajeet Singh is  Senior Scientist at ATCC where he is focused on providing reference-grade whole transcriptome data that is authenticated, standard, and traceable to physical source materials available in ATCC’s biorepository. Prior to joining ATCC, Dr. Singh received his PhD in Agricultural Plant Pathology where he performed research focused on epidemiology and integrated management of plants pests and diseases. He then performed postdoctoral research at the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences and subsequently worked as a Senior Staff Scientist at the National Cancer Institute. Dr. Singh has extensive experience in biomedical research with his research career expanding an array of interrelated disciplines exploring epigenetics, chromatin and gene expression in reproductive developmental toxicology, stem cell biology, and cancer. 

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