p424 CYC1 (ATCC® 87381)

Other IDs:

none : 87381 Sequence from depositor

 /  Applications: YX-type (expression) shuttle vector  /  Depositors: M Funk

Designations p424 CYC1
Permits and Restrictions

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Depositors M Funk
Other IDs

none : 87381 Sequence from depositor

Biosafety Level 1
Vector Information
Size (kb): 6.1339998245239260
Vector: p424 CYC1 (plasmid)
Promoters: Promoter for expression CYC1
Construction: pRS424
Construct size (kb): 6.133999824523926
Features: marker(s): TRP1
marker(s): ampR
promoter for expression: CYC1
replicon: 2 micron
terminator: CYC1
YX-type (expression) shuttle vector
Restriction digests of the clone give the following sizes (kb): BamHI--6.6; EcoRI--6.6; SacI--6.2; SacI/XbaI--3.6, 1.8, 1.1, 0.3; XbaI--3.5, 1.6, 0.94.
Contains a truncated version of the CYC1 promoter that very weak and no longer inducible because of a deletion of most of the UAS2 sequence.
High copy number shuttle expression vector.
Media ATCC® Medium 1227: LB Medium (ATCC medium 1065) with 50 mcg/ml ampicillin
Growth Conditions
Temperature: 37.0°C

Mumberg D, et al. Yeast vectors for the controlled expression of heterologous proteins in different genetic backgrounds. Gene 156: 119-122, 1995. PubMed: 7737504

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component of:ATCC 87669
Shipped freeze-dried