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Protist Nucleic Acids

DNA strand with light green and purples particles attached.

When accuracy and precision matter, choose ATCC nucleic acids

Standardized molecular reagents are critical in the development of molecular assays used to diagnose parasitic disease. Synthetically derived DNA and genomic DNA preparations from parasitic protozoa provide researchers with rapid access to protozoan nucleic acids without the hassle of in vitro or in vivo expansions. They are useful in a variety of applications, including PCR-based assays and whole-genome sequencing.

At ATCC, we offer a growing assortment of synthetically derived DNA as well as DNA prepared from our collection of living stock protists. Protozoa DNA are available in two easy formats: individual reagents and ATCC Protozoa DNA Panels. ATCC offers a variety of individual reagents, ranging from the parasitic Giardia intestinalis to an algal strain of Prototheca wickerhamii. Our panels are offered at bulk discount pricing, allowing you to take advantage of added cost savings when compared to individual items.

With ATCC nucleic acids, you can trust that each preparation is fully authenticated and evaluated for integrity, purity, and quality using established techniques. So, let ATCC do the work for you! Explore our selection of protist nucleic acids to jump-start your vital research today.

Thin, green stem attached to a gold ball of spikes making up an untreated water specimen.

Water Testing Resources

Since many protozoa live in aquatic environments, it’s important to conduct routine water testing. ATCC offers a broad range of microbial strains for use in water testing, including Cyclospora, Giardia, and Acanthamoeba species.

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Nucleic Acids

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