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Drug-resistant Fungi

Pink, flower-like strands of Aspergillus fumigatus fungus.

Support your research with authenticated drug-resistant fungi

The emergence and spread of drug-resistant fungi pose an alarming threat to humans, livestock, and food crops.1-3 As a result, the development of novel antifungal therapeutics has become a critical priority. 

Drug-resistant fungi evolved, in part, from a growing increase in international trade and travel as well as the overuse of antifungals in people, livestock, and agriculture.1 Aggressive new strains include the yeast Candida auris, which is resistant to many or all of the already limited antifungal drugs available. This particular pathogen is known for causing nosocomial outbreaks throughout the world, affecting patients in intensive care units and hospital staff.

To support your research toward the prevention and treatment of drug-resistant fungi, ATCC offers a range of clinically relevant material. We’ve acquired and authenticated various clinical and environmental fungal strains that are ideal for the development, verification, and evaluation of novel antifungal drugs and updated sterility protocols.


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