Product Use Policies

Below are the terms and conditions governing purchase of products and/or services from ATCC. Please review the applicable terms and conditions before completing your transaction with us. By placing an order with ATCC, you are agreeing to be bound by our applicable terms and conditions.

  1. General Catalog Products Only for Noncommercial Research Use. If you are purchasing a catalogue product from ATCC, the ATCC Material Transfer Agreement and the Terms of Sale apply. Under the MTA, ATCC products are intended for noncommercial use, preclinical research purposes only.
    • For additional information on noncommercial use/collaborative research product transfers permitted under our Material Transfer Agreement, please see Material Transfer Request.
  2. Commercial Use of ATCC Products. If your use of ATCC products extends beyond the only for noncommercial research use scope of our Material Transfer Agreement, see Commercial Use Licensing for additional details on how to obtain a license from ATCC.
  3. Custom Solutions/Services. If you are purchasing custom laboratory products and/or custom laboratory services, these Terms of Services apply to your order.
  4. ATCC Genome Portal. Any data or information that can be viewed or downloaded on or through the ATCC Genome Portal are subject to the Data Use Agreement.

With our diverse product portfolio, please note that some product pages contain additional terms and conditions that may apply to your order. If you have questions, please contact us.