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GeneXPlus Protocols

Below is the complete listing of protocols for GeneXPlus. A general protocol, complete with an optimization scheme, can be may be downloaded here:

GeneXPlus General Protocol

Click on the cell line name to open and download a copy of the protocol.

THP-1 (ATCC® No. TIB-202™) 

RAW 264.7 (ATCC® No. TIB-71™)

SH SY5Y (ATCC® No. CRL-2266™)

MRC-5 (ATCC® No. CCL-171™) 

BJ-5ta (ATCC® No. CRL-4001™) 

Uterine Smooth Muscle Cells (ATCC® No. PCS-460-011)

TeloHAEC (ATCC® No. CRL-4052™)

Bone Marrow-derived Mesenchymal Stem Cells (ATCC® No. PCS-500-012)