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Specialty Cell Culture Media

  • GeneXPlus Transfection Reagent (ATCC® ACS-4004)

    ATCC® Number: ACS-4004

    Quantity: 1 mL
    Storage: -20°C
    Applications: Transient transfection, stable transfection, gene expression, protein production, genetic manipulation.  Suitable for transfection of Bone Marrow MSCs (PCS-500-012), Dermal Microvascular Endothelial cells (PCS-110-010), THP-1 cells (TIB-202), Raw 264.7 cells (TIB-71), and SH-SY5Y cells (CRL-2266). A complete list of cell line-specific protocols can be found here.

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    Product Format: 1 mL

    This reagent affords high levels of gene expression in a variety of cell types and is suitable for both transient and stable transfection. GeneXPlus works effectively in large scale reactions, producing high protein yields. Since the reagent is composed of animal-origin free components and is serum compatible, there is no need for any culture medium change after transfection.


    GeneXPlus Transfection Reagent has been optimized for use with HEK293T/17 SF suspension cells (ATCC ACS-4500) and HEKPlus SFM (ATCC ACS-4002) to reproducibly express a wide range of proteins at high levels.

  • Mouse ES Cell Basal Medium (ATCC® SCRR-2011)

    ATCC® Number: SCRR-2011

    Quantity: 500 mL
    Storage: Store medium at 2°C to 8°C in the dark when not in use.
    Applications: General culture conditions to maintain undifferentiated,  pluripotent mouse ES cells are now well established, and  incremental improvements, such as the development of  Mouse ES Cell Basal Medium, are key to the ongoing  success of stem cell research.

    Mouse ES Cell Basal Medium is a sterile liquid tissue culture  medium containing phenol red that has been optimized to  support the undifferentiated self-renewal cycle related to  mouse embryonic stem cell growth.

    The medium contains a stable glutamine dipeptide, providing  a long shelf-life when handled and stored properly medium may be supplemented by addition of ES-Cell  Qualified Fetal Bovine Serum (FBS) or a serum replacement  designed for mouse ES cells. This medium can support the growth of mouse ES cells on  either a mitotically inactivated layer of mouse embryonic  fibroblast (MEF) feeder cells, or in a feeder-free environment using gelatin-coated plates.

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  • Dermal Cell Basal Medium (ATCC® PCS-200-030)

    ATCC® Number: PCS-200-030

    Quantity: 485 ml
    Storage: 2 to 8°C, protect from light
    Applications: Dermal Cell Basal Medium is a sterile, phenol red-free, liquid tissue culture medium intended for use as one component in a complete ATCC Primary Cell Solutions™ system.

    This system is designed to support cells (e.g., keratinocytes, melanocytes) derived from normal human epidermis. Dermal Cell Basal Medium contains essential and non-essential amino acids, vitamins, other organic compounds, trace minerals and inorganic salts. 

    To support the proliferation and plating efficiency of keratinocytes (e.g., Primary Epidermal Keratinocytes, Normal, Human Neonatal Foreskin, ATCC PCS-200-010), Dermal Cell Basal Medium must be supplemented with the Keratinocyte Growth Kit (ATCC PCS-200-040). The complete serum-free (although not animal-free) media is formulated to inhibit fibroblast growth, and the low calcium concentration (0.06 mM) slows differentiation.

    To support the proliferation and plating efficiency of melanocytes (e.g., Primary Epidermal Melanocytes, Normal, Human Neonatal, ATCC PCS-200-012 or Primary Epidermal Melanocytes, Normal, Human Adult, ATCC PCS-200-013), Dermal Cell Basal Medium must be supplemented with either the Melanocyte Growth Kit (ATCC PCS-200-041) or the Adult Melanocyte Growth Kit (ATCC PCS-200-042).

    Using Dermal Cell Basal Medium supplemented with the appropriate growth kit, the growth of keratinocytes and melanocytes are supported without the use of feeder layers, extracellular matrix proteins or other substrates.

    Optional media supplements:

    1. Gentamicin-Amphotericin B Solution (ATCC PCS-999-025)
    2. Penicillin-Streptomycin-Amphotericin B Solution (ATCC PCS-999-002)
    3. Phenol Red (ATCC PCS-999-001)


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  • Stem Cell Freezing Media (ATCC® ACS-3020-3)

    ATCC® Number: ACS-3020-3

    Quantity: 3 x 20 mL
    Storage: 2°C to 8°C

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    Product Format: frozen 3 x 20 mL
    Stem Cell Freezing Media is tested for pH, appearance, and sterility. Recovery, morphology and differentiation of hESCs and hiPSCs are confirmed after cryopreservation and thawing.
  • CellMatrix Basement Membrane Gel (ATCC® ACS-3035)

    ATCC® Number: ACS-3035

    Quantity: 5 mL
    Storage: -80°C or colder

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    Product Format: frozen 5 mL
    Each lot of CellMatrix Gel is shown to promote the attachment of hESCs/hiPSCs and to maintain hESCs/hiPSCs in a pluripotent state as determined by the expression of Oct-4 and Nanog pluripotent markers.
    Store at -80°C in aliquots. Avoid repeated freezing and thawing.
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  • Adipocyte Differentiation Toolkit for Adipose-Derived MSCs and Preadipocytes (ATCC® PCS-500-050)

    ATCC® Number: PCS-500-050

    Quantity: 1 kit
    Storage: -20°C (or -70°C for long-term storage)
    The Adipocyte Differentiation Toolkit for Adipose-derived MSCs and Preadipocytes contains medium and reagents designed to induce adipogenesis in actively proliferating Adipose-Derived Mesenchymal Stem Cells and Preadipocytes with high efficiency, and to support maturation of derived adipocytes during lipid accumulation. The Toolkit is composed of the following components:
    1. One vial containing 1 mL of AD Supplement for use in initiation of adipocyte differentiation
    2. One bottle containing 5 mL of ADM Supplement for use in maintaining adipocyte differentiation
    3. One bottle containing 100 mL of Adipocyte Basal Medium for use in both initiation and maintenance of adipocyte differentiation

    *The Adipocyte Differentiation Toolkit for Adipose-derived MSCs and Preadipocytes provides enough medium and reagents for differentiation of ~6.8 x 105 cells when plated at a recommended density of 18,000 viable cells/cm2 in 4 wells of a 6 well tissue culture format. 

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