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Sexually Transmitted Infections

Detecting and treating STIs can be challenging

ATCC can help! Our cultures and nucleic acids provide you with the reliability of fully authenticated reference materials for the development of novel therapeutics, vaccines, and rapid detection methods.

  • Minimally passaged strains
  • Cellular products containing viral nucleic acids sequences
  • Genomic and synthetic nucleic acids

The use of high-quality ATCC reference materials in assay development allows for fast, accurate, and reproducible verification of assay performance, such as inclusivity/exclusivity testing and limits of detection. Get started with our research solutions provided below, or:

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ATCC® Genuine Cultures

ATCC® Genuine Cultures are backed by meticulous laboratory procedures and represent ATCC's high standards of quality for microbial strains, including full characterization of each strain to establish identity, utilization of a seed stock system to minimize subculturing, and careful preservation for culture maintenance. Search for strains to support your STI research.

Fungi & yeast
Microbial panels

ATCC® Genuine Nucleics

ATCC® Genuine Nucleics are high-quality DNA and RNA preparations that were isolated or synthetically derived under aseptic conditions to prevent cross-contamination. Each preparation has been fully authenticated and characterized to confirm integrity, purity, concentration, functionality, and identity. ATCC® Genuine Nucleics save you the time and cost associated with culturing and extracting the nucleic acids yourself, allowing you to get your STI research started faster.

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Cell Lines Containing Viral Nucleic Acid Sequences

ATCC offers a full range of products to support STI research, including cell lines known to contain viral nucleic acid sequences. These cellular products are reported to contain an integrated viral genome or viral sequences from human papillomavirus, hepatitis B virus, or human immunodeficiency virus.

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