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Q & A Fungal Systematics

  1. For your MALDI-TOF studies, you stated that you have developed customized reference spectra for some medically important fungal species. Are the reference spectra commercially available?

    No, not at this point. Currently, we use the customized spectra profiles only for internal use. However, since those studies have been already published or will be published soon, you may find the information you need from the papers, such as which reference strains should be used for the species, or how to prepare MALDI-TOF samples for those fungi and yeasts.

  2. If the identification results for a fungus are not congruent by different methods, what should I do? Which result should I trust?

    There are many conventional ID systems commercially available, but those systems do not cover all fungal species. In cases where the ID results are uncertain or are not congruent with the data from other methods, we suggest sequencing some DNA barcode genes, such as the ITS region. By comparing ITS sequences with type strains and other reference strains, you may get a more accurate species identification for most of the fungi.

  3. What should I do if I have a question on ATCC mycology items?

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