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cGMP Cell Banking

Female ATCC scientist wearing safety glasses, mask, smock, and gloves pulling cryopreservation rack from dewars flask while another scientist looks on.

Let ATCC take the risk out of MCB and WCB production

For nearly a century, ATCC has been regarded as a pioneer in cell banking, using the most reliable and standardized procedures and equipment to manufacture your critical biomaterials. For every stage of the process, we provide the critical starting materials for the development and commercialization of pharmaceuticals and biologics. As the trusted global source for cell authentication and uncompromised quality, we set the benchmark for cells used in protein and viral manufacturing and testing applications.


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We are approved to provide this service under current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP). ATCC supports multiple stages of the cell banking process—from initial development to master/working cell bank production runs—in an effort to streamline and expedite your timelines.

By trusting ATCC, you can avoid time- and labor-intensive in-house production and eliminate associated risks and costs. Our longevity in the industry and reputation for stringent quality controls gives you the confidence that your drug development efforts will be fully supported.


  • 21 CFR 600, 610, Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP)
  • Mammalian and stem cells
  • Over 5,000 cell lines available from ATCC’s fully authenticated collection -or- use your own proprietary cells
  • Custom-built, designated cell processing suites
  • Healthy cells and cells derived from diseased tissues
  • Master and working cell banks (MCB and WCB)

cGMP Cell Banking Services

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