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Feeder Cells

Blue green and red 3D fibroblasts.

Get high-quality feeder cells to grow your cells in culture

When culturing cells you need the right reagents and materials for the process. ATCC provides high-quality, metabolically active feeder cells that will ensure your cells proliferate and your results will be reproducible. In addition, ATCC fibroblasts and irradiated cells ensure that your stem cells remain in a pluripotent, undifferentiated state.

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Flat, fluorescent yellow mycoplasma spheres.

Cell Line Contamination

Mycoplasma contamination significantly affects cell line physiology, resulting in erroneous data and misinterpretation of results. Explore the best practices for routine testing for mycoplasma contamination.

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Purple and green induced pluripotent stem cells.

Stem Cell Culture Guide

Get tips and techniques from our cell culture experts.

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Feeder Cells

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