Red, purple, green, and yellow A549 CRISPR cells.

World CRISPR Day 2021

Synthego Virtual Event

October 20, 2021

The Synthego World CRISPR Day Virtual Event provides a valuable platform for researchers to share and learn about the latest advancements in CRISPR. Join us at this virtual event to explore our resources for gene editing and to explore our collection of CRISPR/Cas9 gene-edited isogenic cell lines, EMT reporter cell lines, and luciferase-labeled cell lines!

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Yellow and light blue DNA double helix.

Cell line engineering

Gene-editing technologies like CRISPR work by making a double stranded break in the DNA of the gene you want to edit. The cell then tries to repair that damage and during that repair process the gene sequence at that location can be changed. The main challenges are directing the cutting enzymes (nucleases) to the right sequence (specificity), getting the nucleases to cut at that location a high percentage of the time (cutting efficiency), and directing the cell to repair the DNA using the desired new gene sequence (edit efficiency). Learn more about this fascinating technology and explore other technologies used for gene editing.

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Finger pointing at blue and white DNA.

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