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Row of bright, green plants with small leaves in a row, some out of focus.

Plant Health 2022

David L. ​Lawrence Convention Center, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

August 06, 2022 - August 10, 2022

The American Phytopathological Society's annual meeting Plant Health brought together researchers to discuss the profound changes in plant health research. Check out our poster presentation from the event and explore our resources below to learn how our extensive fungal collection can support this important area of research.

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White gloved-fingers holding a string of small vials containing green media with wells and petri dishes with plants on a table.

Watch our poster presentation

The Untapped Potential of ATCC's Fungal Collection
Shahin Ali, PhD, Senior Scientist, ATCC
August 9, 2022
Poster P-610

ATCC recently initiated a project to explore the diversity and utility of fungal strains within our mycology collection. Watch our poster presentation from Plant Health 2022 to learn more about our expansive collection of authenticated fungi and to explore the application of our strains in plant disease research and biocontrol.


Watch the presentation

Explore our featured resources

Purple strands of grape-like Aspergillosis fungus. Blog

Fungi as Biocontrol Agents

Plant pests can be controlled by using natural enemies. Discover how fungi can be used to combat plant disease.

Brown, white and glue-gray fungus growing in a clear petri dish. Blog

Microbial Bioremediation

Soil, water, and air pollution pose a major threat to human health and survival. Fortunately, microbes may provide a solution through bioremediation

Red alternaria cells. Culture guide

Mycology Culture Guide

Get a detailed mycology guide on the growth, handling, propagation, preservation, and application of yeasts and filamentous fungi.

Cornfield with a silo and farm buildings and equipment.


Identifying microbial pathogens in water and soil through environmental testing is essential for protecting human health. Ensure the accuracy and reproducibility of your detection assays with authenticated, high-quality reference materials from ATCC.

A faded-red barn and silo surrounded by a green field, bushes and a corn field under a blue, cloudy sky.

Agricultural Research

Early detection of plant and animal diseases is vital for preventing the loss of agricultural resources and minimizing the economic impact. Discover why authenticated materials are essential for developing accurate assays.

Cornfield with a silo and farm buildings and equipment.

Plant Disease Research

Plants are vital for life on Earth. Yet, they are continually put at risk by the introduction and spread of pests and pathogens. Partner with ATCC to discover how we can protect these valuable resources together.

Brown, rod-shaped Pseudomonas aeruginosa bacteria.


ATCC offers a broad spectrum of fungi and bacteria that can be used in the biological control of microbes and pests that destroy agricultural plants.

White gloved-fingers holding a string of small vials containing green media with wells and petri dishes with plants on a table.

Biofuel Production

ATCC offers a broad range of algae, fungi, and bacteria with known biofuel production capabilities.

ATCC scientist standing at lab equipment.


We have a variety of microbiological strains for use in research on the bioremediation of contaminated soil and industrial waste sites.


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