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Pink Trypanosoma cruzi parasites with tails

ATCC Webinar

Best Practices in Protistology Webinar

August 18, 2021, at 12:00 PM ET


The ATCC Protistology Collection is the only general service collection of taxonomically diverse living stock protists in the United States and the only large-service repository of parasitic protozoa in the world. Our extensive portfolio of protozoa and algae benefit from the combined years of experience of many researchers, collection scientists, and biologists since ATCC's inception nearly a century ago. This has allowed the Protistology Department to accrue a vast wealth of knowledge about this clinically and financially relevant collection. In this webinar, we will explore the role of protists in the scientific and general communities, and we will detail the initiation, expansion, cryopreservation, and authentication of these diverse organisms.

Key Points

  • What defines a protist, and why these organisms are relevant not only to scientists but also to the general community.
  • An in-depth look at some of the best practices for propagating, preserving, and authenticating protists.
  • An examination of the special techniques that have been adapted at ATCC for the evaluation and cultivation of difficult-to-grow protists.


Kathleen Glaser, BSAG, Senior Biologist, ATCC

Kathleen Glaser, BSAG

Lead Biologist, ATCC

Kathleen Glaser is a Laboratory Testing Services (LTS) Biologist at ATCC with over 27 years of laboratory experience. She began her career at ATCC over 14 years ago as an R&D biologist working with protists, participating in the accession of novel organisms and troubleshooting their growth. Currently, she actively cultivates, authenticates, and preserves numerous species in both the Protistology and Mycology collections. Prior to her position at ATCC, she worked at Covance, analyzing samples from clinical drug trials. Additionally, Kathleen was a Research Assistant in the Infectious Diseases Department at the University of Maryland School of Medicine. Mrs. Glaser has a BSAG from the University of Delaware and has post-graduate experience in Biology and Veterinary Sciences at West Virginia University.