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2024 News Releases

Blue DNA double helix strand in 3D illustration May 29, 2024

ATCC Announces Award from NIAID to Provide Antiviral Screening Assays Relevant to Human Diseases

ATCC was awarded a task order with a ceiling value of $15.5 million from NIAID to develop well-characterized challenge material (WCCM) for the In Vitro Assessment for Antimicrobial Activity (IVAAA) program.

Close up of human hand putting the test tube to centrifuge March 19, 2024

ATCC Announces Award from the NCI to Provide Biospecimen Processing Services and Assays for Cancer Research

NCI awarded ATCC a five-year contract with a ceiling value of $7.37 million to provide biospecimen processing services and assays for cancer research.

fluorescent heart February 27, 2024

ATCC and Tissue Dynamics Announce Strategic Collaboration to Bring a Transformative Heart Organoid Model to Market

ATCC and Tissue Dynamics announced a partnership to develop workflow-friendly cardiac organoid-based kits for improved cardiac safety testing in drug development.

Gloved hand holding sample tube, rack of sample tubes January 04, 2024

ATCC Announces New Award from BARDA to Provide Centralized Storage and Bioprocessing Services for Project NextGen

ATCC announced a 5-year, $87 million award from BARDA to support the development of next-generation medical countermeasures.