Trametes lilacino-gilva (Berkeley) Lloyd, teleomorph (ATCC® 46156)

Strain Designations: DFP 1109  /  Product Format: frozen

Strain Designations DFP 1109
fungus resistance testing
testing wood preservatives
testing wood for natural resistance to decay
Biosafety Level 1
Product Format frozen
Storage Conditions Frozen: -80°C or colder
Freeze-Dried: 2°C to 8°C
Live Culture: See Propagation Section
Type Strain no
Preceptrol® no
Medium ATCC® Medium 200: YM agar or YM broth
Growth Conditions
Temperature: 24.0°C
Name of Depositor GC Johnson
Chain of Custody
ATCC <<--GC Johnson<<--N.E.M. Walters
Eucalyptus sp., Australia

AWPA Standard method of testing wood preservatives by laboratory soil-block cultures. Birmingham, AL:American Wood-Preservers' Association;AWPA E10-06, 2006

Standard accelerated laboratory method for testing the efficacy of preservatives against wood decay fungi using compression strength. Birmingham, AL:American Wood-Preservers' Association;AWPA E22-06, 2006