Enhanced Authentication Initiative

Enhanced Authentication

Be completely confident in your research

Your research is important. Your data can inspire incredible breakthroughs and improve human lives throughout the world. Don’t let crowd-sourced genomic data generated using unauthenticated materials limit your discoveries.

We believe that reproducible research starts with credible biological materials. That’s why we have made a commitment to the scientific community to provide reference-quality, whole-genome sequencing data through the ATCC Genome Portal. Our Enhanced Authentication Initiative not only enriches the characterization of our biological collections by using next-generation sequencing but also includes making those data available to everyone. We hope our credible materials paired with whole-genome sequences lead to easier scientific collaboration, greater confidence in experimental outcomes, and better reproducibility in research.

View our resources below or visit the ATCC Genome Portal to explore how authentication can improve the quality and credibility of your data.

Press Release

Setting the Standard for Sequencing

Through our Enhanced Authentication Initiative, we addressed the key challenges of consensus-driven data by generating complete, reference-quality genomes of our biological materials. Read our announcement about how ATCC is setting new standards for confidence in science by using next-generation sequencing.

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Protect your research

Advancements in science depend on the ability to reproduce published data; it provides the foundation for establishing new areas of research and translating insightful findings into life-saving therapies and effective diagnostic tools. Without the ability to confidently compare and correlate data between different bodies of work, research cannot be expanded upon and scientific progress stalls. This could result in lost publications or wasted time, effort, and money. 

According to an ATCC-sponsored survey of 415 researchers, scientists waste about 19 days a year on compromised data. These erroneous data could come from using a microbial strain or cell line that was not authenticated properly or that was contaminated with other cells. Current publicly available genomic sequences lack authenticity, quality, completeness, or traceability, which can compromise results. This problem is exacerbated by the absence of standardized methods for developing and validating reference-quality genome sequences.

As scientists, we all have an important role to play in improving the reproducibility of life science research. Your research is important, and there are people throughout the world that depend on the validity of your results. That’s why it is essential that you start your research with a strong foundation of authenticated materials backed by high-quality data. 

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Discover a Standardized Solution

We have developed a solution for improving the reproducibility of your data: a workflow that pairs reference-quality genomes with authenticated ATCC materials. To make sure you have the highest-quality data possible for your research, we built and validated our workflow using state-of-the-art technologies combined with best practices for whole-genome sequencing.

What’s more, we have made our whole-genome sequences publicly available through the ATCC Genome Portal—that means easily finding the credible data you need for your research and having it ready to use. And because we know that making insightful correlations between your analyses and reference data is essential for making scientific breakthroughs, we have provided genome assembly statistics, quality metrics, and metadata for each of our reference-quality genomes.

It is time to increase confidence in your research. Discover how our approach to enhancing authentication can help you improve the reproducibility of your data.

Genome Portal

Application note

Microbial Genome Databases: Existing Challenges and the Need for Authenticated Reference Genomes

Credible data paired with authenticated biological materials inspires confidence in your research. Read our application note to discover how ATCC is advancing the authentication of biological materials through whole-genome sequencing.

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