6/11/2018 — 6/14/2018

Manassas, VA

The ATCC-GMU School of System Biology annual workshop is designed to provide an overview of Best Practices in Cell Culture through classroom presentation and laboratory work. This Workshop is intended for trainees with no prior experience in basic cell culture techniques.

Topics include the following Best Practices for:

  • Designing and using laboratory space for cell culture
  • Receiving and managing cells in culture
  • Naming cell lines
  • Selecting media for culturing mammalian cell
  • Authenticating cell lines
  • Detecting and mitigating the risk of cell culture contaminants
  • Cryopreserving, thawing and recovering and assessing cells
  • Storing and shipping cryopreserved cells
ATCC scientist examining a container of media

This 4-day workshop employs an integrated approach – utilizing hands-on training to reinforce lecture material – enabling trainees to translate culture techniques into applications in their own laboratories.